Team building events play an important role in strengthening the relationships between members of a certain organization. These are essential breaks from the daily routine and allows coworkers to interact with each other in a much better ambiance. The moral of the squad gets boosted fostering leadership in young team members.

If you’re also planning a team building event, then here is a simple guide for you to organize and run effective team-building events which will develop a cohesive unit among the team.

Why should you organize such a retreat?

The main foundation of any business is its employees. Therefore, a retreat amongst team members helps in enhancing your business success, bringing your team together.

  • Eliminating the team’s weakness and building their strength:

There will always be elements of improvement, no matter how strong your team is. A team building event connects you to your employees in a better way which allows you to work on the issues you’d like to work out for overall improvement with a clear purpose. Choosing certain activities to develop these goals will make the team more cohesive and manageable.

  • Get prepared for upcoming challenges:

You might see certain upcoming challenges with the team, in terms of relations or communications. You get to be proactive on such issues making the people shut down their laptops and phones for the time being and focus on the issues.

  • Motivation along with job satisfaction:

People usually get bored with their everyday 9-5 job, leaving them frustrated, which in turn affects the company. Creating trust between staff and senior management is important to influence job satisfaction. A team building retreat gives time out of the office for your teams to become familiar, know each other, and in turn, develop a strong bond among them.

  • Investing the right amount of time on your employees:

Most employees get the feeling that their organizations are not working together effectively as they should have. This is because they are not investing the right amount of training and resource that is needed for the team to develop. Organizing such a retreat will allow you to focus on valuable team building.

How to plan out the event:

The entire planning should be a progressive one, with each challenge building on the next and organized around key themes for your team.

  • Icebreaking:

Every session begins with the ice breaking session, making sure that everyone in the team gets comfortable and warmed up for the day’s event.

  • Getting the ground rules:

Once everyone gets set, the ground rules should be given out including the goals for the activity. The players should know the purpose behind the games, and while they may be having a great time laughing and having fun, there is a deeper meaning which is embedded in the activities.

At the final debriefing, the lesson learned from the activities should be discussed and explored.

Whenever you’re planning a team building event, ensure that there is sufficient amount of follow-ups at regular intervals and the learning from the event is properly built in the team’s processes and culture. The support and reappraise which the team members have highlighted at the team building event should be taken care at the earliest.