Skydance Productions is a newer studio in the film scene and is widely known for high-action films, which include Charlize Theron’s The Old Guard and the sci-fi horror movie, Annihilation. Meanwhile, John Lasseter fans gushed over the 2021 short film Blush, and the animated feature film “Luck” from earlier this year.

As the head of animation at Skydance Animation, John Lasseter and his team are forging ahead with another feature animated movie, Spellbound. Much secrecy surrounds this move, which isn’t unusual in Lasseter’s world. What we do know is that it’s slated to release in 2022, and here are a few other things that we know so far.

The General Plot Of Spellbound

The setting of this animated musical is within a remarkably magical world, and a teenage girl, Princess Elian, is faced with a serious task. A spell has been cast that has threatened to split her prized kingdom in two, and she must remedy the hex to reunite her people. Using her otherworldly worldly gifts, she defends both her family and the kingdom while fighting the forces of darkness to bring back the light and restore her people’s peaceful existence.

While the premise and plot sound highly familiar to similar “princess” stories, the compelling characters and the richness of the kingdom itself add fantastical elements that aren’t present in many animated films. Spellbound also appears to be a coming-of-age story. Princess Elian is moving forward into adulthood, and she is simultaneously battling to save her special world. However, the team behind the film is full of surprises, so there are likely to be more facets to the story than what we know so far.

Even though production has wrapped up, Skydance Animation and the creators are keeping the plot very ‘hush-hush’ until its formal release. This isn’t uncommon in the sphere of animated films, and even Luck was kept fairly quiet until a month or so before its premiere last year.

It appears as though Spellbound may keep eager viewers spellbound in wonder about what the film will bring when it arrives in theaters. However, with John Lasseter having award-winning animated franchises under his belt like Finding Nemo and Cars, fans are expecting Spellbound to be a remarkable film.

The All-Star Cast of Spellbound

Even though very little is known about the plot of this animated movie, what is known is that the characters are voiced by a treasure trove of award-winning stars. Interestingly, some of the cast are not known for being in musicals, so viewers are in for a treat to see what these superstars can do with their pipes. Here are the cast members we know that star in Spellbound.

Rachel Zegler—As the first member added to the cast, Zegler was confirmed in April of 2022 to play the lead role as Princess Elian.

Nicole Kidman—With experience in musicals like Moulin Rouge, Kidman will voice the role of Queen Ellsmere.

Javier Bardem—Most known for dramatic roles and sci-fi films, Bardem takes on the voice of King Solon.

Jordan Fisher—As a child actor, Fisher was a Nickelodeon regular on shows like iCarly until getting his big break in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He voices the role of Callan.

John Lithgow—Highly regarded for his roles as the nemesis in films, Lithgow is best known for comedic roles, such as his character in 3rd Rock From the Sun. In Spellbound, he voices Minister Bolinar.

Jenifer Lewis—Lewis is no stranger to musicals and has vast experience as a singer on Broadway. This will be one of her first animated voice roles as Minister Nazara Prone in Spellbound.

Nathan Lane—Known for many films of various genres and numerous Broadway appearances, Lane voiced Timon from The Lion King. In his collaboration with John Lasseter, he voices the Oracle of the Sun.

Andre DeShields—Beloved actor, singer and choreographer DeShields plays opposite Lane as the Oracle of the Moon.

The Animation History of John Lasseter’s and the Future Of Skydance Animation

John Lasseter played a major role in the majority of Pixar’s films, along with several Disney movies between 1994-2018. After moving on from Disney, he made the transition to Skydance Animation. Fans have been eagerly awaiting to see what he’d do next, and when Spellbound releases, we’ll all find out!