When it comes to entertainment, you should always go for the best. However, the main question whose answer has been elusive for years is; “What is the best?” You no longer have to wonder about this anymore because Nahimic software leaves no doubts that it is the best because of the following gaming features that you cannot find anywhere else.

Interactive Microphone

If you love gaming, communication with mates is very important. It makes you to easily liaise with playmates and express yourself after winning or losing a game. For example, if you just won a section of a combat game, you need to celebrate. Nahimic uses an interactive microphone that makes it easy to communicate with mates during games. Here are the main components of the microphone.

  1. Special operational algorithm. This technology makes the microphone to easily adjust itself based on the game you are playing and immediate environment.
  2. Voice stabilizer. This microphone feature allows you to get communication and expressions from your playmates clearly. Even when the sound is loud, you will still be able to communicate.
  • Noise Suppression. One fact that you have to contend with about the gaming environment is that the environment can be noisy. However, Nahimic uses an advanced algorithm to identify and eliminate the noises. This means that you do not have to pause to talk to the playmate; simply talk when the game is at its climax for an extra thrill.

The Sound Tracker

If you like playing games, the environment can be tense. In many cases, the enemy can be cunning or use tricks to hide and ambush you when unprepared. But Nahimic seeks to make your gaming more enjoyable by helping you to easily identify the enemy using the sound tracker.

This feature helps you by tracking where the sound of the enemy is coming from. Besides, the sounds work together with signals positioned in 360 degrees on radar so that you can easily identify the enemy.

Surround Sound

This feature helps to provide a unique sense of immersion when playing games using Nahimic. The sound field expands in three dimensions so that resonance is evident from the front, middle, and sides. This makes you feel like you are at the heart of the battlefield or the game. The effects are especially more evident when using headsets.