Having to hunt down your favorite TV series and movies can seem like a real drag. With the barrage of streaming services and digital download providers, it is not always possible to track down specific movies. What many viewers don’t know is that they don’t have to hunt down their favorite movies across multiple streaming platforms.

Tips on finding your movies in a jiffy

The knowledge provided below will not only save you time but will also help you to choose the services and streaming devices to subscribe to and buy respectively.

1.        The web

Several online portals exist, and they enable you to query multiple streaming platforms at once. You need to type the name of the television show or movie you want to watch, and you will instantly get to see which platforms are hosting your content.

Such portals search through a variety of catalogs, digital content sellers, and streaming services such as couchtuner.watch. Enter the search term, hit the enter button, and choose the matching result.  An array of options, along with their cost and video quality, will be displayed. A link will be provided, which will direct you to the movie or TV show, and other related content will also be displayed. It will assist you in figuring out what you may want to watch next.

2.        A smartphone

If you are searching for TV or movie content through your phone, then you do not need to visit any particular website. You can search for the content by typing the name of it on a regular search engine. It is possible because many primary apps will dig out your search options for you.

3.        Apple TV

Apple TV offers a universal search feature. The comprehensive search feature automatically searches through the content across multiple platforms such as couchtuner.watch when you look something up. One can use the function by heading to the home screen’s search app and typing in the keywords. Another way is to hold down the Apple TV remote microphone button and speak the search terms aloud.

The initial search results would be displayed in iTunes. However, one can find other alternatives by clicking the ‘Open In’ button on the results page.

4.        Android TV device

Android TV has a built-in Google search option. One can search for content across multiple apps, including the default Google Play Movies & TV portal. One needs to move to the top of the home screen and type the name of the content in the search box, then click enter. One can also tap select within the search box and speak out the name of the content.

The results show up in a pop-up pane on the top of the interface. You can select any one of the displayed apps which are streaming the film or show you intend on watching.

There are a few other platforms such as Roku device and Amazon Fire device which can be used to source the content you intend on watching. Whichever may be the device, be sure to check out couchtuner.watch to see all the latest films and TV shows.