There is a huge number of music genres in this era, and the number is getting increased day by day. It is getting very complicated for the listeners who try to manage their playlist of the favorite songs according to the different genres of the songs. They get confused now about the genre of a song as there are many music genres now a days that are overlapping and difficult to differentiate. But there are some ways to classify the different music genres by listening to the MP3 naa songs.

The system of classifying the songs according to their genres by listening the mp3 songs does not involve anything right or wrong. Nothing is wrong and nothing is a right system for the classification of the songs as per their genres. There are some major genres of the music that can be differentiated from each other and may help the listeners of the mp3 songs to classify them into different categories. The difficulty of differentiating the overlapping genres due to the development of the new music with new technology instruments can be reduced by determining the songs through their major genres and not from the sub genres.

This can be possible by listening and identifying the pop music which is a major genre of the songs. After that the experimental music should be sorted and classified. After that the classical music should be classified by listening to the mp3 songs in your list. These three music genres are the major genres that can gather all the sub genres in them.

Classifying Pop music and its sub genres:

In identifying the rock music, the beats will be strong and simple. The chord structure will be advanced. Rock music comes under the major genre of the pop music. In this type of music, there will be a lot of rock and roll feeling that may help you to identify and differentiate the pop music among other songs. Country music also comes under the pop music in which you may feel the acoustic guitars in the music. Pedal steel guitars are also used in this type of music. Other folk instruments are also used in the songs of this genre. Rap and hip hop is also under the pop music.

Classifying experimental music and its sub genres:

Experimental music is also one of the major genres of songs. They can be differentiated from other genres by listening the telugu mp3 songs download. Many artists and musicians experiment with the basic genres like pop and techno through latest innovative instruments which makes the experimental music. For example using helicopters for the helicopter sound effect can be classified as the experimental music genre.

Classifying classical music and its sub genres:

In early classical music we have the Gregorian chants and choral music. For Baroque music we have Bach and Handel. Classical music is loved by almost everyone because of the soothing and relaxing chords and chants. These are the hints towards identifying the classical music genre by listening the mp3 songs.