The Disney Company was brought to life in 1923 with a contract signed between MJ Winkler and Walt Disney himself. Before long, the name would become synonymous with animated magic, wonderful memories, and the sincerity and positivity that only Walt Disney could muster on screen at the time.

In an unprecedented collaboration between high-flying artistry and world-class animation, Disney has teamed up with the international talents at Cirque du Soleil to present Drawn to Life at the World of Disney on the West Side of Disney Springs.

Let’s dive into this magical world to find out how you and your loved ones can make the most out of your next vacation!

Bringing Disney to Life

The collaborative efforts between Disney and Cirque du Soleil have yielded a high-flying show that blends classic Disney animation with world-class choreography and live performances. Imbued with all of the imagination of your favorite Disney films, you’ll get to see stories come to life in a way that you may not have experienced.

Family-friendly and fit for any group size, Drawn to Life is a 90-minute performance that follows the story of Julie as she finds an abandoned piece of animation left behind by her late father. As Julie begins to explore the animated piece, she also begins to uncover her future, showcasing all of the potential magic that can unfold before her.

The World of Disney is brought to life and fully realized under the bright lights of the Disney Springs Theater.

Explore Vegas with Cirque du Soleil

As Cirque du Soleil continues to spread its roots throughout the Wonderful World of Disney, the company of creators itself continues to expand and grow in its home-away-from-home of Las Vegas.

After moving into the city to establish their first permanent installation, Mystere, Cirque du Soleil would become synonymous with the best last minute tickets Las Vegas has for the top high flying Las Vegas performers around. With multiple year-round shows as well as convenient ticket pages for groups and company outings, there has never been an easier or better time to plan your next trip.

Right now, Cirque du Soleil is offering a selection of shows for every type of experience. From the psychedelic sounds of The Beatle’s LOVE and the entrancing moves of Michael Jackson’s ONE to the high-flying moves of the performers of KA at the MGM Grand, there is something for every occasion.

Learn More About Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is a name enshrined in performance history thanks to its cutting-edge and innovative approach to the modern circus. With a full team of international talents hailing from 55 nations around the world, Cirque du Soleil provides experiences that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

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