Veteran American-Canadian voice actor Mark Hauser has been the voice of animated characters since 1996. Delving into the world of acting, Hauser would quickly find a home in the voice booth where he would allow his neutral accent and dynamic acting range to win him fan after fan.

Now an experienced talent working with the Montreal-based K.L. Benzakein Talent, Hauser is looking to share what has made him so successful with the followers that have helped uphold his career.

Let’s delve into the life and times of Mark Hauser to better understand his methods, motivations, and ambitions for the future.

Building a Foundation of Good Habits

Life as a voice actor sounds pretty exciting, and it is, but that is also due to its lack of structure. Working as an actor means focusing on developing your skills even when the phone isn’t ringing for another gig.

To stay sharp, Hauser had to really hone in on one key lesson that he wished he had understood sooner, “Roll with the punches. Sometimes you can formulate a detailed business strategy, marketing plan, or conversation with a potential client (…) Things don’t always go according to the script, and the original plan might somehow get derailed.”

When he isn’t adjusting to the punches that life throws at him, Mark Hauser is developing a nightly list of tasks and goals for the following day. Mark Hauser says, “Every night I make a list of 3 – 5 things I plan to complete the next day.”

In being prepared, Mark Hauser finds himself constantly a step ahead of his ambitions. Hauser says, “Like any other business owner, I am responsible for marketing my services to potential clients.”

Developing a Business For the Future

Even with his successful entrance into the acting industry, Hauser knows that he has to continue to think in terms of the future. Hauser says, “To further my acting career, I also use my industry networks and word-of-mouth to learn about upcoming acting jobs.”

It is through social awareness and networking that Hauser has steeled himself against many of the pitfalls intrinsic to the industry, namely: a lack of work. Mark Hauser says, to offset potential slow-downs in his work, “Without fail, I keep in touch with production partners I would like to work with again.”

For individuals struggling to stay on track and focused, Mark Hauser has found success by utilizing the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a well-known time management tool, available via software, that helps to split work into digestible 25-minute sessions, leaving each session with a 5-minute break at the end.

Hauser says of the Pomodoro Technique, “I can’t procrastinate and I can’t surf on my favorite internet sites while the timer is on. As a result, I accomplish my goals while giving my brain several welcome breaks.”