Every algorithm for every popular platform on the internet is becoming more advanced as we have new artificial intelligence implemented in the system. This also goes for Sound Cloud, so the user experience is very important. There are many tools that can help you expand and get noticed. Also, many of them are tools where you can promote your music. Everything depends on what are you trying to achieve.

Getting more audience when you are starting out may be a very big challenge for some people. If your genre is very competitive, you will need to spend some money to get started. Checking this Sound Cloud how to get likes and followersarticle and learning the tricks can help you a lot in your future career as many new artists started this way. It can help you find a great label.


This platform is meant to promote your music on Sound Cloud so more people will potentially visit your account. The main function of the website is to market musicians, but if you are doing something else like podcasts, you can also promote that. It works is such a way that you will get tools to increase the social proof of your music and make them more noticeable to followers and possible fans.

The idea is to have people that will listen to your content only if they become a follower. If your sound is interesting many will follow the idea. The setup is very easy where you just have to link the account to Hypeddit. It is something like a middleman, where you create a special page in it and post a link to the file. The link should be placed on the download button in the settings of the Sound Cloud. When someone clicks on the button, they will automatically go to the page which has Like, Follow, and Download button.

Read more about it here: https://www.digitaldjtips.com/reviews/hypeddit/


If you have a problem with mastering your tracks there are some great programs you can us like Landr. It has its own algorithm that will master you tracks something like Spotify does to recommend music. It will take a song and see what kind of style it has. After that, it will go through their library of music and find an example similar to you and use it to master your song.

There are a lot of great effects that can be added. Because it saves you a lot of time and effort, there is a subscriber option where you get an unlimited amount of masters for $25. Because it is a program it won’t do something that a human can like it can’t catch nuances. It also won’t alert you if you have issues with the original mix.

Devumi versus BuildMyPlays

Many boosting services are growing in popularity like Devumi because you easily get Sound Cloud reposts, comments, plays, likes, and followers. Because the followers are top-quality, the service is among the best. BuildMyPlays has the same service just there is also an option to get more downloads of your songs. They operate since 2013. A great feature they have is free 50 plays for new users that want to test the service.

When it comes to prices BuildMyPlays ranges from $8 to $100 and Devumi’s services go from $12 to $74. The price is very important because the quality of the followers depend on how expensive the service is. The offer of BuildMyPlays ranges from 100 to 1500 followers and Devumi’s packages range from 100 to 1000 followers.

Devumi maybe has better quality service that uses safer techniques for driving traffic to your account. They have a lot of social media partners that are promoting your tracks. The service is anonymous so your information is confidential and private. There are also various payment methods they accept. The way BuildMyPlays drive traffic is through affiliates. They only accept PayPal as a payment method.

The Artist Union

A great way of bringing a potentially great artist to their fans is through The Artist Union. Like many promotional websites, it works through download gates. There are some added features to this website like Powerscore feature. As the name says, it is the algorithm that evaluates the user from 0 to 100 depending on the influence some Sound Cloud page has. What matters to get a better score is a number of followers, number of reposts, track likes, and fan engagement.


If you are looking to boost your account, you should include some other platform into the plan. YouTube is the most popular website for listening to music. They aren’t working with each other because they have the same principles. You can use this and link your accounts to both websites. In this way, you can bring followers from one platform to the other and gather them. You can find some programs online that will make it easier to post on both platforms at the same time.