MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE-Arabic Style – The dance style trained or presented that’s generally recognized by Middle Eastern countries and also the people. You’d mainly check this out style should you visited most eastern countries. All Middle Eastern countries perform a variation of the style. Each country might convey a section, throughout the performance, where their very own individual country and elegance is recognized.

EGYPTIAN STYLE – A number of styles put under one heading that’s inspired by dancers in Egypt that American’s emulate. Style depends upon which Egyptian one emulates. There are lots of famous Egyptian dancers that may be adopted and recognized.

LEVANT STYLE – Style that’s the most generally recognized and acknowledged as the design and style in the Eastern Arabic countries. Including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria. Really all of the countries considered the Levant.

COUNTRY STYLE – The design and style danced through the folk at parties and gatherings. Each country features its own style. Don’t forget this dance (Belly Dancing) form may be the social dance from the Middle East. Everybody will it. I refer to this as home style. Don’t forget this dance may be the social dance of all of the Middle Eastern countries. Both men and women do that social style dancing.

AMERICAN CABARET – A method that’s done strictly by Americans putting on a 2 piece costume that attempts to be Middle Eastern. Sometimes does, more often than not doesn’t. In the western world this is actually the dance style most follow. We may go ahead and take moves in the east but we’re dancing for American based audiences therefore we adapt to fit the image.

FUSION STYLE – A combination of styles and countries. Generally known as CONFUSION in the industry. To not be mistaken with true fusion which will come from creating inside a true form. True fusion originates from the training of two styles from two different countries joining together but maintaining your essence of Oriental throughout. Middle Eastern and Flamenco spring to mind. The essence from the Middle East needs to be maintained throughout.

GODDESS STYLE – American style that contributes spirituality by means of Sacred and Liturgical dance and uses modern or belly dancing movements. Made by women using dance like a religious expression. This type doesn’t and cannot be utilized for a secular dance form.

AMERICAN TRIBAL STYLE – Style utilized by women with costuming and movements a mish-mash of styles. Style began in CA with costuming from numerous Eastern countries. Has little or free related to the center East. Shouldn’t be considered within this venue whatsoever because it doesn’t have foundation within the cultural facets of the center East.