Watching a movie is like an easy escape from reality. No matter the genre or language, if a movie feels good, we tend to watch it multiple times over and even view it with everyone at home. Also, there are a lot of new Tamil movies that have been released in 2021 that are worth watching. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the list of tamil movies that you can enjoy with your family.

  • Jai Bhim

The Tamil movie Jai Bhim portrays caste discrimination against the people of the Dalit community. It is about a young couple Rajakannu (Manikandan) and Sengani (Lijomol Jose), from a tribal community. One day the police falsely accused Rajakannu and a few others in a robbery case and brutally tortured them. Sengani then seeks the help of a righteous lawyer named Adv. Chandru (Suriya), to get her husband back. Jai Bhim is an inspiring movie with intense scenes that will keep you glued to the screen till the end.

  • Mandela

You can always enjoy a good comedy movie with your family. Mandela is one comedy film with a backdrop of a village panchayat election between two political parties where an ordinary barber’s vote will determine who won the election. Tamil Actor Yogi Babu plays the lead role of a barber. The film has numerous comedy scenes that will make you roll on the floor with laughter.

  • Sarpatta Parambarai

A sports action film set in the 1970s that focuses on North Madras, the epicentre of boxing. The primary plot is about the rivalry between two clans namely Sarpatta Parambarai and Idiyappa Parambarai. There’s also a little bit of quiet romantic segment in the movie that is a delight to watch. Elements like caste conflict and the question of pride in the sporting milieu makes the film quite engaging. 

  • Vinodhya Sitham

A feel-good fantasy drama film that revolves around the life of a self-centred and dominating man, Thambi Ramiah, who likes to control everything and everyone in his life. However, he dies in an unfortunate car accident but upon his request, he is granted 90 days to live and make things right. The film will make you emotional in some parts because of the events that happen in those ninety days. Vinodhya Sitham gives a message that nothing can be controlled in your life.

  • Lift

Lift is a horror, thriller drama streaming on the Hotstar platform. The narrative is about Guru (Kavin), an IT professional, who got recently transferred to his new office in Chennai. While working late one day he finds himself trapped in a haunted elevator. Guru soon starts to experience supernatural activities in the office building. The film is great to watch as it has a bit of comedy and romance added to the story. Lift succeeds in creating a sense of claustrophobic thrill that you will enjoy watching.

  • Aelay

The comedy-drama film is based on a problematic father-son relationship. It is about a young man, Aelay, he is the kind of son who cannot shed a tear even while looking at the corpse of his father. But then, how can you blame someone who managed to find a job in the city despite being brought up by a drunken father who often leaves him embarrassed with his antics. The quirky drama moves at a steady pace and is an entertaining watch.