New York City is the capital of the world. Around 9 million people live within the city limits and all have their own dreams and ideas of life. Being one of the most important cities in the film industry, both in the US and in the world, New York offers a wide range of filming studios.

Some need them for big blockbuster movie projects, and some are more humble in their dreams and just need a great graduation photo session. When it comes to popular movies and film studios, we all know that money is not a problem. However, regular people can’t afford to spend half a million dollars to close an entire city block. Yes, major film studios actually do that, learn more about it here.

If you’re a rising music star, or a model creating a book, or you just love having a photo memory of your newborn child, then we suggest looking for a more affordable studio. Here are our 5 top picks:

1. Elegant Studio in East Village

A very elegant, as the name suggests actually, and highly equipped studio in East Village. This is really just an apartment that offers beautiful sunlight coming from the windows facing south. There’s a wide variety of light managing gear and some products that will help you in the make-up process.

On top of everything, it is very affordable and is really value for money. The owner charges by an hour, so if you think this is something that you’re looking for, look them up online.

2. Midtown Production

If you’re kinda short but you really need a professional place where you can put your ideas into practice, then Kristina’s Midtown Production studio is what you’re looking for. It’s one of the most affordable out there and it is probably the best value for money since you’re not going to spend a lot.

It is actually a room without windows, so it’s perfect for filming some dark scenes. However, knowing that cameras rely on good light so much, the host offers a lot of equipment for making some excellent pictures or videos. Of course, you can’t expect natural light, but this might happen to be something you need.

3. Harry’s Cyclorama Wall Studio

This studio has 3500 square feet and a 10-foot high ceiling. It’s a real movie making studio with all the needed amenities that might need you with it. The best part of it is the Cyclorama Wall that offers shooting for a wide range of opportunities. It can be used for many different things.

If you have no shooting equipment, you can rent this too. The owner offers a lot of camera options. Camera bodies and different kinds of objectives are a part of the shooting menu. There’s also some great lightning gear and equipment needed for a great photoshoot.

4. NYC Green Screen

For a respectable price and with a great value for money is the Green Screen studio. This is a completely different deal. The New York Green Screen actually has three studios on two locations in New York. They are all soundproof and with the chroma key green wall which is the best solution for shooting on a blank background but also a white background if that’s more preferred.

All three studios come with a separate make-up room, stage manager, WiFi, and other amenities and options that might come handy for their clients. It’s a state of the art studio for interviews, music videos, but also for all other needs that ask for a top-notch production.

5. Drift Studio

Drift Studio’s concept is very interesting. They offer two studios, the Highline and the Daylight. Highline studio offers a big area with more possibilities. There’s the Infiniti CYC in the corner and a whole wall with windows giving some extra bright daylight in the rest of the shooting area.

The Daylight studio is easily transformed and is also offered as an area where you can make events or combine the studios. Do the shooting in the first one and invite some guests to see your work in the other. There’s also a kitchen area and a big set of shooting gear for perfect work.