Finding perfect Bridesmaid Dress is a point of contention for any bride especially when all bridesmaids want to flaunt their personality in different styles. Bridesmaid Dresses trends come and go but glossy dresses always remain in fashion, since they are shiny, trendsetting and tasteful. Glossy Bridesmaid Dresses easily grabs the eyeballs of the onlookers and let your girls sparkle in the wedding ambience. However, choosing colors for glossy Bridesmaid Dress is not as simple as it sounds. It is important to pick the color that flatters the beauty of the bridesmaids, instead of making them awkward and clumsy. Let’s have a look on 3 magnificent colors for Glossy Bridesmaid Dresses so that you can select the best one for your girl gang.

Golden Bridesmaid Dress

When it comes to the color with metallic luster and classy look, nothing can beat Gold. It is a vogue color for Bridesmaid Dresses and thus makes dresses more fashionable and classy. This color is fairly natural and certainly won’t overshadow the bride’s dress. Golden Bridesmaid Dresses are always elegant and appealing and hence attract the eyes of onlookers within no time. Although Gold looks super glossy but owing to its natural finish, it never feels over-exaggerated.  Moreover, these golden dresses can be easily paired up with plenty of combinations such as:

  • Rose Gold: This combination is really fantabulous and gives elegant and alluring look to the wearer. The combination of soft pink of rose with metallic sheen of gold always works well. Pair this dress with golden hills and look beyond glamorous.
  • Chocolate Gold: Another irresistible combination that cannot be overlooked is chocolate gold which gives the sense of dignity and draws immediate attention.

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses

“Silver is the new trend.”

Being extremely metallic, silver is yet another elegant color for Bridesmaid Dresses. Neither too dull nor too melodramatic, this color reflects purity and delicacy at its best. Pair this with plenty of vibrant colors and lets your bridesmaids rock the party.

  • Silver Blue: Silver and blue is a noble combination which gives the wearer a confident and tranquilized look. Choose long chiffon gown of this color and pair the same with light accessories.
  • Silver White: Silver white color combination will surely set off the holy atmosphere of your wedding and make your girls look decorous and elegant.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses give a complete fresh look to the bridesmaid and give them elegance. This glossy color is ideal for outdoor summer weddings, especially beach wedding. Glossy blue satin looks bold and classy and thus compliments your bridesmaids well.

  • Turquoise Blue: This color is great for formal wedding evenings and can show off the natural beauty of your bridesmaids. This color looks graceful and flawless and let your girls look both classy and fashionable.
  • Ocean Blue: Ocean Blue is one of the classically beautiful colors and is suitable for beach weddings. For those who don’t play by rules can add a pop of red or yellow and look standout.

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